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laid a hand on his arm. Jon, he said. I am truly sorry. Jon scarcely heard him. He brushed off Tyrions hand and strode across the hall. He was running by the time he hit the doors. He raced to the Commanders Keep, dashing through drifts of old snow. When the guards passed him, he took the tower steps two at a time. By the time he burst into the presence of the Lord Comm bryan stork jersey ander, his boots were soaked and Jon was wild-eyed and pan bryan stork jersey ting. Bran, he said. What does it say about Bran? Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, was a gruff old man with an immense bald head and a shaggy grey beard. He had a raven on his arm, and he was feeding it kernels of corn. I am told you can read. He shook the raven off, and it flapped its wings and flew to the window, where it sat watching as Mormont

and Vayon Poole had gone too, and Hullen and Harwin and Fat Tom and a quarter of the guard. Only Robb and baby Rickon were still here, and Robb was changed. He was Robb the Lord now, or trying to be. He wore a real sword and never smiled. His days were spent drilling the guard and practicing his swordplay, making the yard ring with the sound of steel as Bran watched forlornly from his bryan stork jersey window. At night he closeted himself with Maester Luwin, talking or going over account books. Sometimes he would ride out with Hallis Mollen and be bryan stork jersey gone for days at a time, visiting distant holdfasts. Whenever he was away more than a day, Rickon would cry and ask Bran if Robb was ever coming back. Even when he was home at Winterfell, Robb the Lord seemed to have more time for Hallis Mollen and Theon Greyjoy

Ser Rodrik called for bread and meat and beer in a tone that meant now. The singer, a youth of some eighteen years, eyed them boldly and asked where they were going, and from whence they had come, and what news they had, letting the questions fly as quick as arrows and never pausing for an answer. We left Ki bryan stork jersey ngs Landing a fortnight ago, Catelyn replied, answering the safest of his questions. Thats where Im bound, the youth said. As she had suspected, he was more interested in telling his own story than in hearing theirs. Singers loved nothing half so well as the sound of their own voices. The Hands tourney means rich lords with fat purses. The last time I came a bryan stork jersey way with more silver than I could carry ... or would have, if I hadnt lost it all betting on the Kingslayer to win the day. The

Ser Rodrik with a two-handed greatsword, but when he found his corpse sprawled on the stony ground, the man was not so big after all, the cloak was gone, and Tyrion saw that the blade was badly notched, its cheap steel spotted with rust. Small wonder the clansmen had left nine bodies on the ground. They had only three dea bryan stork jersey d; two of Lord Brackens men-at-arms, Kurleket and Mohor, and his own man Jyck, who had made such a bold show with his bareback charge. A fool to the end, Tyrion thought. Lady Stark, I urge you to press on, with all haste, Ser Willis Wode said, his eyes scanning the ridge tops warily through the slit in his helm. We dro bryan stork jersey ve them off for the moment, but they will not have gone far. We must bury our dead, Ser Willis, she said. These were brave men. I will not leave them to the

ther bryan stork jersey e in the street, cradling Jory Cassels body in his arms. Somewhere the gold cloaks found a litter, but the trip back to the castle bryan stork jersey was a blur of agony, and Ned lost consciousness more than once. He remembered seeing the Red Keep looming ahead of him in the first grey light of dawn. The rain had darkened the pale pink stone of the massive walls to the color of blood. Then Grand Maester Pycelle was looming over him, holding a cup, whispering, Drink, my lord. Here. The milk of the poppy, for your pain. He remembered swallowing, and Pycelle was telling someone to heat the wine to boiling and fetch him clean silk, and that was the last he knew. DAENERYS The Horse Gate of Vaes Dothrak was made of two gigantic bronze stallions, rearing, their hooves meeting a hundred feet above the roadway to

spotted hand. Ser Vardis is a doughty fighter. He will make short work of the sellsword. Will he, my lord? Catelyn said coolly. I wonder. She had seen Bronn fight on the high road; it was no accident that he had survived the journey while other men had died. He moved like a panther, and that ugly sword of his seemed a part of his arm. Lysas suitors were gathering around them like bees round a blossom. Women understand little of these things, Ser Morton Waynwood said. Ser Vardis is a knight, sweet lady. This other fellow, well, his sort are all cowards at heart. Useful enough in a battle, with thousands of their fellows around bryan stork jersey them, but stand the bryan stork jersey m up alone and the manhood leaks right out of them. Say you have the truth of it, then, Catelyn said with a courtesy that made her mouth ache. What

How long he waited in the quiet of the godswood, he could not say. It was peaceful here. The thick walls shut out the clamor of the castle, and he could hear birds singing, the murmur of crickets, leaves rustling in a gentle wind. The heart tree was an oak, brown and faceless, yet Ned Stark still felt the presence of his gods. His leg did not seem to hurt so much. She came to him at sunset, as the clouds reddened above the walls and towers. She came alone, as he had bid her. For once she was dressed simply, in leather boots and hunting greens. When she drew back the hood of her brown cloak, he saw the bruise where the king had struck her. The angry plum color had faded to yellow, and the bryan stork jersey swelling wa bryan stork jersey s down, but there was no mistaking it for anything but what it was. Why here? Cersei

breathing hard when she reached the turret stair. For an instant she froze. Up or down? Up bryan stork jersey would take her to the covered bridge that spanne bryan stork jersey d the small court to the Tower of the Hand, but that would be the way theyd expect her to go, for certain. Never do what they expect, Syrio once said. Arya went down, around and around, leaping over the narrow stone steps two and three at a time. She emerged in a cavernous vaulted cellar, surrounded by casks of ale stacked twenty feet tall. The only light came through narrow slanting windows high in the wall. The cellar was a dead end. There was no way out but the way she had come in. She dare not go back up those steps, but she couldnt stay here, either. She had to find her father and tell him what had happened. Her father would protect her. Arya