Triad Acoustic Stage
House Party
June 27, 2009
Summerfield, NC

An evening with

Stevie Coyle

Text Box: What a wonderful Piedmont North Carolina summer evening.
Our host and hostess were very gracious.
Triad Acoustic Stage offered an intimate gathering for the artist and the audience.
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Here are some pictures that I took at the event
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Stevie Coyle in Summerfield, NC - Triad Acoustic Stage


Stevie Coyle telling stories and picking tunes


Triad Acoustic Stage in Summerfield, NC with Stevie Coyle


Bill Payne of Triad Acoustic Stage introducing Stevie for a second set


Stevie Coyle - Triad Acoustic Stage 06/27/09


Stevie tuning up with two capos, WOW!


Stevie hammin' it up for my camera. Thanks Stevie! you're a good sport





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